Ok, here’s how I got it working. Tried it under Kubuntu 5.10 using only Subversion, but after compiling it could never find wlanconfig. Did some research and found that wlanconfig is supposed to be included with the madwifi-ng files. Couldn’t figure out any reason why it wouldn’t be there. Stopped to install SUSE 10 Eval on my son’s system for him and dug it so much I decided to switch (for a while, anyway; I’m very fickle with distro’s). SUSE didn’t find the wireless card out of the box, and I’d kind of been hoping it would. No luck after using Subversion there, either. Same issue… errors I didn’t quite understand during compilation, and no wlanconfig. Double-checked my required packages, erring on the side of caution. I wish I could remember more about specifically which ones I installed, but I got the info from the Newbie Howto and the INSTALL file that came with the Madwifi tarball download (madwifi-ng-r1405-20060120/INSTALL) , which I finally settled on downloading from Snapshots instead of fiddling with the extra step of using Subversion. That compiled with no problems whatsoever that I could see, ran wlanconfig just fine, and found the wireless card on the first try. You will also need wpa_supplicant if you’re using WPA encryption, which you should be because WEP is not secure enough, and heaps of shame upon your head if you’re not using encryption at all.

Good luck!



One thought on “Madwifi

  1. Dam it Lisa don’t you know that since you work for me (actually I think I work for you my dear friend) I own all of your intellectual property because of the non compete you signed! I’m Bill Gates Mutha Fu&^%$ lol. You rock, I knew you were going to do it! You never fail Lisa, you never fail.

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