L.A. Linuxchix and SCALE – w00t!

I’ve been meaning to go to an L.A. Linuxchix meet for the longest time, but yesterday I finally went to my first one. Came back totally AMPED! It was awesome!! They invited me to SCALE, the Southern California Linux Expo, which I missed last year and almost would have missed this year had I not gone to the meet. They were the friendliest people you could ever care to meet, none of the “3L33T” (elite) mentality you sometimes find out there. They really know their stuff. And the project they are doing right now just blew my mind! I sent the e-mail below to all my geek friends.

Nickie and I will be attending SCALE (http://socallinuxexpo.org) Feb 11-12. I’ll be staffing the L.A. Linuxchix booth for part of the time.

This year L.A. Linuxchix (http://linuxchixla.org) will be demonstrating LiveLAMP (http://www.livelamp.org), which you will come to understand is DA BOMB. LiveLAMP’s creators say that what Knoppix did for Linux, LiveLAMP does for servers. You boot to the LiveCD… and you get an instant server running Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, with 1000 dynamically generated student accounts with non-dictionary passwords, each with their own space to SFTP upload to the server, complete with CVS, C++, Javascript, CSS, XML, and Mambo content management software. This is all run entirely from the CD; the HDD is used only for storage of student files and a few settings. Yes, way! And when say, the web development class you’re teaching is over, simply reboot to the CD and have it format the HDD, and you’re ready for the next class. I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t been there helping to install and test it.

Come to the Linux Expo! It’s only $10 at the door if you just want to see all the exhibits. The special presentations cost extra but I hear they’re well worth it.



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