It’s a beautiful thing

Speaking of just working out of the box…! My son, who has liked Windows just fine for a long time and couldn’t imagine why anyone would ever switch to GNU/Linux, has officially been corrupted into my GNU/Linux-loving ways. We met up with a couple of my geek friends to just hang out, and during one of our typical geekly discussions began griping about Windows (in)security, malware removal and the advantages of GNU/Linux. My son had played with it a couple of times briefly, but had expressed disinterest when I’d brought it up from time to time because after all, Windows had been limping along… I mean, working… for him, and I’m not the type to push things on anyone. Anyway, he began asking a lot of questions about GNU/Linux in an effort to understand what the big deal is. He was not prepared for our answers. He didn’t know, for example, that it has full access to all your Windows partitions, and that you can install it on your Playstation 2 or Xbox and make a server, install it on many PocketPC’s including iPaqs, install it on a USB key and boot to it, or run it off a LiveCD/LiveDVD without altering anything on your hard drive. After many, many questions whose answers just blew his mind, he decided to try it. Over two evenings interspersed with musical breaks and various discussions, we backed up his hard drive, resized his partition, created a data partition for easier backups and sharing between operating systems, and installed SUSE Linux 10 Eval. Smooth and polished interface and very little technical information needed from the user. Just beautiful! Automatically finds and mounts your NTFS and FAT32 partitions as /windows/C and /windows/D, correctly identified every single piece of hardware including wireless without a single hitch, and presented a classy boot menu to choose GNU/Linux or Windows at startup. Showed him some of the nifty stuff you can do, along with some customizations, and one phrase soon began to dominate the conversation: “Now that is DOPE!” …Makes a mom proud. 😀



One thought on “It’s a beautiful thing

  1. Wow…you 2 may have just sold me too! I’m very tired of all the Windows security issues, etc. I will definitely be checking into this whole Linux OS switcharoo, I didn’t realize you could keep your Windows files and access them so easily…that really is DOPE! I bet Billy boy has a bee in his bonnet over the whole thing!

    Thanks for the info! 🙂

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