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The fact that MS management feels it has to resort to unfair business practices to help keep its monopoly in place, rather than let the product’s quality speak for itself such that people rush out to buy it on its own merit, is just confirmation that even top MS management KNOWS it’s crap. And doesn’t care.

I’ve worked as a computer tech for a number of years. As such, I’ve of course had to work with MS software every day because that’s what most customers have. While MS’ business practices have long disgusted me, it’s the years of longstanding Windows problems that have finally overflowed my frustration threshold. The once fine art of computer repair (anyone remember checking IRQ usage and changing jumper settings to resolve conflicts? ) has devolved into a neverending parade of spyware / adware / trojan horse / keylogger / virus removals, and little else. A recent study showed that 60% of all Windows systems are infected with some type of spyware. I’ve consistently found that each spyware tool removes only about 25-35% of the malware on a given system, so you have to use 3-4 of them and still can’t be guaranteed it’s 100% clean. I’ve talked to so many customers who were victims of identity theft as a result of malware, that I’ve become thoroughly convinced that doing your online banking or shopping on a Windows machine is utter lunacy. And after cleaning malware and fixing crashes 8 hours/day plus service calls, the very LAST thing I want to do is come home and jack with MORE antispyware updates and crashing on my home network.

I’ve gone from grudging acceptance that sloppy Windows development has kept me in steady employment, to utter exasperation and outright hatred of its existence. I finally swore off Windows in favor of GNU/Linux, and began looking for GNU/Linux or even Mac work because I’m just tired of all the nonsense now. I’m sure there are plenty of others just like me. After all, if we have to learn a new interface on every new Windows release anyway, why not take that opportunity to just learn a better OS instead?

I’m convinced that many MS developers are incredibly bright, energetic, innovative people full of promise. Despite this, Windows is a train wreck in slo-mo. I’ve personally watched its security holes instantly bring huge and powerful companies to their knees. One can only imagine the IT and lost labor costs incurred. But it’ll be a cold day in hell before the “good ol’ boys” at the top will go around firing each other, even after a blogful of well-founded complaints.

Why waste your time and potential on 10-16 hour days, desperately trying to save the Titanic with bailing buckets until you’ve become weather-worn and disillusioned? MS top management has clearly demonstrated where their minds are at. Your talents could be put to much better use making a difference elsewhere.



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  1. Sigh, they are doing something that really drives me crazy to the end user now =( And I have a heart for the end user, they dont know any better and it’s not fair. Every time I now have to do a data recover and reinstall I HAVE to call M$ to get the O$ released and registered. Today I had a machine with a bad HDD, a bad video card and bad memory, can you imagine how many times I reinstalled the OS during troubleshooting? Every time hardware was changed out a call was placed to M$, but I’m a professional. What about the confusion this is causing to the poor end user? What about the over 35 elderly customers of mine that rely on email and IM’s just to speak to their children and grandchildren who live outside of California? Gawd this pisses me off to no end! I will never EVER buy another M$ product ever again. The freaking Suwk!

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