[GNU/]Linux companies sign Microsoft patent protection pacts

[GNU/]Linux companies sign Microsoft patent protection pacts

What a mess.  Companies should not be forced to choose between facing a Micro$haft lawsuit or secretly violating the GPL and hoping they don’t get caught (thus possibly facing a lawsuit anyway).  All that for using FAT – the old, outdated, not-that-great-in-the-first-place file system which Micro$haft stopped using years ago already, after that “gem” of an OS, Windows ME.   (Windows ME  is widely known among techie people as the most crash-prone, corruption-prone Windows version ever released, and that’s really saying something – especially if you ever tried Windows 3.x or 95 or 98 when they first came out, you understand why.)

I used to get really annoyed at M$ just because of their shoddy software and the nightmares it caused for my family and customers (and okay, for me while trying to fix it all), but over the last 10 years or so I’ve come to truly despise them for their nasty business practices.  I do everything in my power to help people dump the Empire.  My son, my spouse, and my dad are all running GNU/Linux only. I attend GNU/Linux users’ groups, and I help whenever I can with GNU/Linux answers and tips – here and on GNU/Linux help forums all over the web.  M$ needs to go!



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