PCLinuxOS 2009 is out! Here’s how to get it.

I’ve been taking it for a test drive and it’s awesome!  It’s a beautiful operating system in both form and function.  More than ever, things just work.

You might want to use wget or a download manager, so that if your connection is interrupted it will retry instead of just failing and quitting.   For example, you can use:

wget -c http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/Linux/PCLinuxOS/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

The -c option tells wget to resume getting a partially-downloaded file.  There is also a download page with a list of mirrors – but before you rush over to download it, be advised that the ibiblio server is used to update the mirrors and should not be used.  Here’s the link.

To use wget as I have above, but with a different mirror, use your browser to go to the link above and browse to the location of the ISO you want.  Right click the ISO name and select Copy Link Location. Now open a terminal window, type wget and paste the URL in by holding down the <shift> key and tapping <insert>.  Hit <enter> and it will download to whatever directory you’re in.

There is also a torrent here.

In the spirit of community, you should keep your torrent program open for a while after your download is complete, to help others get the file too.

For convenience’s sake, and for load-balancing purposes, I’ve composed a list of wget commands for other servers. You can copy one of these lines and paste it into a terminal window and it should download for you:

PCLinuxOS 2009.1

wget -c http://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/MIRRORS/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://ftp.heanet.ie/pub/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://ftp.nl.freebsd.org/os/Linux/distr/texstar/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/Linux/PCLinuxOS/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

wget -c ftp://ftp.pbone.net/pub/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

wget -c ftp://na.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://mirrors.lastdot.org:1280/pclos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-2009.1.iso

PCLinuxOS Gnome 2009.1

wget -c http://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/MIRRORS/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://ftp.heanet.ie/pub/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://ftp.nl.freebsd.org/os/Linux/distr/texstar/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/Linux/PCLinuxOS/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

wget -c ftp://ftp.pbone.net/pub/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

wget -c ftp://na.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/pclinuxos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

wget -c http://mirrors.lastdot.org:1280/pclos/live-cd/english/preview/pclinuxos-gnome-2009.1.iso

Now don’t forget to use checksums to verify that the ISO downloaded correctly and that the CD burned properly!  It’s worth the headaches it saves.  I have a tutorial on it here.

Have fun!



4 thoughts on “PCLinuxOS 2009 is out! Here’s how to get it.

  1. You should use the ‘-c’ switch with wget so that if the download is interrupted it will start with the partial download. Without that switch wget will start at the beginning if re-started.

  2. I would also recommend using zsync to download any ISO file if you already have a precursor of the file, such as a pre-release version or the ISO for the distro that a remaster is based on.

    I have written up my experience doing this with PCLinuxOS 2009 on the above web site. Still a few rough edges, though.


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