Life is a Non-Maskable Interrupt

Well, it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve shown my virtual face here.  To those whose questions remained unanswered, I’d like to extend my sincerest of apologies.  There are a number of very good reasons, but suffice it to say that sometimes life is a non-maskable interrupt and one has no choice but to put everything else on hold for a time.  While I’m still having to juggle several important obligations, the time has come to resume, as best I can, the applications that were running before the unanticipated core dump.

I have much good news to share, and – as ever – some technical information, as well.  I’ve been doing a bit of writing lately on these topics, and will be posting the entries shortly.  There’s also some updating and tidying to be done sitewide, which will be taken care of in short order.

And now for a bit of tech blog necromancy.

{tap tap} Is this thing still on? … {minor audio feedback} …Yep.

Ahhh, so nice to be back!  🙂



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