SCaLE 16x – Southern California Linux Expo

Another excellent SCaLE conference this year! Below is a sampling of the offerings. Watch these talks for free on the SCaLE YouTube channel! (See notes below.)

It’s worth mentioning here that I also ran into some of the good folks who run the Outreachy program, which offers paid 3-month internships for underrepresented people in tech. I am a graduate of this program, and I’m convinced that it was vital in helping me to land my first full-time job in my chosen tech field. Check them out and please spread the word! Application and contributions due this month, if you want to apply for the May-August session. Outreachy has many wonderful mentors and I will always treasure my experience there.

  • GNU/Linux beginner training – introduction for newbies
  • How can I contribute? – easy ways to get involved, even if you’re pretty new to GNU/Linux and are not a software developer
  • LPI crams and exams – cram sessions for certifications, and the actual exams at half price – I took the LPI Linux Essentials exam while I was there, to finally add a GNU/Linux cert to my credentials

Targeted tracks (multiple presentations on a given topic):

  • Ubuntu
  • Developers
  • Embedded developers
  • DevOps
  • Containers and virtualization
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Security
  • Graphics
  • Legal and licensing
  • Open data
  • Mentoring


SCaLE – Main website

SCaLE YouTube channel
– See recordings of the talks for free!
Note that these are initially recorded by a camera in each presentation room, and so the talk you want may not be its own separate video yet. If not, check the schedule to find the day and room.

Outreachy program – Offers paid internships for underrepresented people in tech, such as women, people of color, and LGBTIQ. This is an amazing program with amazing people and awesome projects. I know because I am a proud graduate, and this program helped me immensely with my tech career. I’ll post more about that soon. Check them out and spread the word!

Enjoy! Hope to see you next year at SCaLE!


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